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I'm Amelia Quint, a writer and occultist based in South Carolina. I created The Midheaven as an online home for spiritual inquiry and a meeting place for modern day mystics. Like what you see? You can also find my horoscopes in RookieThe Hoodwitch and The Numinous.

If I'm not writing or divining, I'm probably singing the blues with occult rock band, Fidelio.

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As an astrologer & tarot reader, my divinatory methods are grounded in nearly a decade of metaphysical research & practice.

Books & Courses

My signature DIY e-course has helped dozens of people learn to read the stars not only for themselves, but for their friends, family, and lovers too.


Originally created as an online home for personal spiritual inquiry, my work has grown to include everything from interviews to editorials.



"In my humble opinion, I think Amelia Quint is one of the most promising rising stars in the mystical and sacred arts."

- Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady


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