If we had just met, you probably wouldn’t know that I dropped out of graduate school against the warnings of many traditionalists because it just didn’t feel right. And that it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

You’d have no idea that shortly thereafter I joined a blues rock band, toured the southeast United States, and fulfilled a lifelong dream of writing and recording my own album. The press once said I sang “with the conviction of a punk rocker and the voice of a black blues belter”. Not bad.

It might also come as a surprise that an administrative assistant by day would spend her nights devouring books on astrology and tarot. Or that after my 9-to-5, I’d be casting charts and reading cards. But things aren’t always what they seem.

That’s what I love about divination. It brings our true self into the light.

Hello, I’m Amelia Quint. I’m an astrologer and tarot reader, but really I use divination to help modern mystics take charge of their destiny. I serve movers, shakers, risk-takers, and anyone who’s ready to break boundaries in their lives. My mission for our work together? The ancient Delphic Oracle said it best: know thyself. With the help of centuries-old archetypes residing deep in your DNA, I’m here to illuminate the way forward.

For those of a mystical persuasion: I’m a Scorpio with a Gemini moon and Sagittarius rising. I’m also a Birth Path 1, 4 Enneagram type, and INFJ.

Finally: why The Midheaven? In astrology, the midheaven is the highest point in a chart, and is also known as “the top of the heavens”. My desire is simple: to help everyone reach their own highest calling with the help of the stars. I hope it lifts you just a little bit higher.