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How to Become a Professional Astrologer

In school, we’re often taught to choose career paths that interest us and then put in a plan of action to pursue that particular path. This usually involves some sort of formal college or university education. When it comes to becoming a professional astrologer, things work much differently. You don’t choose the path – it chooses you! So you may be wondering – how exactly do you become a professional astrologer?

The field of professional astrology is quite vast as there are many different types of astrologers you can become. Regardless of which you choose, the basic path to becoming a professional astrologer involves lots of reading, networking and studying.

It’s not as easy as simply obtaining a certificate or degree and then getting hired as an astrologer. This field requires a lot of practice, especially when it comes to developing your intuitive abilities. Most people that do follow this path as their lifelong career are often destined for this – it’s their soul calling.

The Best Way to Learn Astrology is to Study Your Own Life

As one of the oldest professions on the planet, astrology has a lot to offer to those willing to learn from it. It is also one of the rarest professions because many people aren’t called to it, nor know how to actually pursue this path.

The number one way to begin learning is to be curious about what astrology means, and how it can apply to your life. We are our best tools. Learn about your own birth charts, read new books, listen to podcasts, enroll in online courses.

Begin to dive deeper into your own astrological readings and question what this means for you and your life. Eventually, new opportunities and perspectives will begin to open up for you that will give you access to a whole new world.

Seek out professional astrologers and have them do readings for you. There is a lot to learn from people that have been doing this for a long time. There are also many different kinds of astrologers out there to learn from. In fact, self-study actually leads to networking. As you become more curious, the right teachers appear.

Astronomy, the science of space, will also help you understand the bigger picture and how you fit in. Remember, self-study is a lifelong commitment when it comes to becoming a professional astrologer. By growing and developing yourself, only then can you support the growth of others.

The More You Practice Astrology, the More You Learn

To become a professional astrologer, there is some formal education that is necessary as it is important for you to understand the basics. However, that’s not all. Practice is the most important thing!

Every person is very different and by practicing your skills consistently with new people, you will gain lots of valuable experience. There is also something to be said about being grateful for the opportunity to connect deeply with other human beings on a soul level.

When you do professional readings for people, you touch on topics such as their purpose, their challenges, their beliefs and the way they live their lives. You can go very deep and get very personal and because of this, you’re actually able to have a massive impact on their life. People look to astrologers when they begin to wake up to the possibility that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

By pursuing the path to becoming a professional astrologer, a very noble profession, you can support people in growing, developing and ultimately living their highest potential.

Related Questions

How much does an astrologer earn?

It depends on where in the world you are practicing astrology. In the United States of America, an astrologer can earn anywhere from $38,000 – $49,000 per year. This also depends on your level of marketing your services.

Can you go to college for astrology?

While you can take courses on astrology in college, it is best to begin by learning about astronomy as it will give you the basic foundations for expanding your skill set.


What is a Vedic Astrologer?

If you have ever thought that there is more to your life than meets the eye, you may be interested in learning about the invisible, yet powerful forces of Vedic Astrology by working with a Vedic Astrologer.

A Vedic Astrologer is someone who practices Vedic Astrology (also known as Hindu astrology) which is a branch of science that studies the relationship between people’s lives and their karma by determining the exact locations of planets at specific times during a person’s life.

In Sanskrit, the ancient language of Hinduism, Vedic Astrology is also known as Jyotish which is translated to “the science of light”. A Vedic Astrologer can look carefully at the cosmic influences in your life and see where your strengths, challenges and ultimately your full potential lies. This powerful tool can assist you in moving forward and providing guidance in your life.

What is the Difference Between a Western and Vedic Astrologer?

Western Astrologer

You’ve probably read your horoscope on the way to work and are most likely familiar with Western Astrology. The basis of Western Astrology is that the year is divided into twelve sections or constellations. Ultimately, every person has a zodiac sign associated with their birthday(Virgo, Leo, Taurus, etc).

The Western Astrologer, a person who uses these signs to make predictions about your life, uses this information to talk about specific personality traits and past, present and future life events.

Western Astrologers take a more psychological approach when giving an individual their reading. This is the most common form of astrology seen in the West.

Vedic Astrologer

The purpose of Vedic Astrology is for people to regain their connection to the divine and to understand that we are souls having a human experience. The planets in Vedic Astrology are viewed as the Karmas of the soul. As we move from one life to another we bring the alignment of certain planets with us and leave others behind.

To read your Vedic Chart, a Vedic Astrologer will ask for the following details: your birth time (as specific as possible), your name as well as the city that you were born in. From this, they will create your “natal” or birth chart. This will allow them to have a look at which planets are dominating certain areas of your chart (career, health, partnership, etc.) to give you more insight about the purpose of the current life you are living.

Related Questions

What is Reincarnation?

The basis of Vedic Astrology is that we are souls that continue to experience many lives (or reincarnate) at very specific times and places to embark on a unique journey in each lifetime. We continue to reincarnate so we can balance our karma from previous lives.

What is the Law of Karma?

The Law of Karma is that for every intentional action, there is a result. It focuses on understanding the cycle between cause and effect. The goal in each lifetime is to work towards balancing our karma until the cycle of reincarnation is complete.