Month: January 2019

Mindful Meditation Can Help You Deal with Stress

Mindful Meditation Can Help You Deal with Stress

Juggling the responsibilities of family, work and a personal life can be overwhelming.  We have all been there, stressed out and frustrated and looking for that easy button.  Stress robs you of the simplest joys in life, it takes away your ability to think clearly and leaves you feeling frustrated and full of despair.  Getting control of your life can be done and there are several strategies to help.  Mindful meditation can help you deal with stress and find the joy in life again.  Let me share with you some breathing and meditation exercises that can help you relax and alleviate excess stress.

Practicing Meditation

When you first start mindful meditation you need to try and become aware of what the stress feels like in your body.  Is it muscle tension, upset stomach or feeling anxious, you need to understand how your body tells you that you are stressed.  Stress can manifest physically in a number of ways.  Start by focusing your attention on the physical feelings you have.  Stress doesn’t have to be static it can affect a number of systems.

Take a comfortable position and start with your feet, feel how they are connected to the floor.  Notice things like pressure and the texture of the flooring.  Be open to the sensations.  As you do this you will notice that your breathing getting deeper and your mind slowing down.  You can start to feel your stress abating and the feeling of anxiousness leaving.  This may take a few tries before it starts working for you, but trust in the process.  Here is some help to get you started.

Learning to Breathe

As you sit with a comfortable posture put your hands over your abdomen then take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  Use your hands to feel how your breathe goes in and out of your body.  Focus your attention on your breath by feeling it with your hands.  That allows you to connect with your body and take your focus away from your stress.  Professional therapists use this with patients who suffer from anxiety as it is highly effective in dealing with stress.

There are a number of different strategies that can help you cope with stress, exercise, a better diet, a good night’s sleep and of course meditation.  Everybody deals with stress but sometimes it can be overwhelming when things start to pile up on you.  You can take back control of your life and find joy in it again.