I want to live in a world where astrology is a practice, not just a horoscope in a magazine or words on a page.

I want to live in a world where the myths and vibrations of the stars are deeply felt and understood by everyone, not just mystics and sages.

I want you to learn how to read the stars for yourself and have fun doing it.

That’s why I made Elemental Astrology.

In this course, you’ll learn how to interpret the stars like a pro. You’ll find out how to read your birth chart, and how to make the best of any transit (no matter how good, bad, or ugly). Eclipses and retrogrades will have nothing on you!

The expanded edition is Elemental Astrology as it should have been - lovingly crafted and nurtured into being over the course of nearly a year. This version is also updated to include changes to my practice and new insights acquired since the first release. May it serve you well.


Elemental Astrology is a deep dive into the core elements of stargazing, so you can learn how to practice astrology on your own.

When you purchase Elemental Astrology, you’ll receive 93 pages of stellar reading material, broken down in to 10 modules.

Plus, you'll have access to my email support throughout the process. Whatever's puzzling you - your Venus sign, Saturn Return, or something else entirely - I'm just an email away!

If you’ve dreamed of learning how to use astrology for yourself, Elemental Astrology is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Everything you need is right here, in once place. The stars are waiting for you!


Table of Contents

Module 1: Planets
Module 2: Signs
Module 3: Houses
Module 4: Aspects
Module 5: Charts
Module 6: Transits
Module 7: The Luminaries
Module 8: Personal Planets
Module 9: Outer Planets
Module 10: The Finer Things

Praise for Elemental Astrology:

"I felt so good after completing the course! I loved the fact that after I finished, I was able to do a basic natal chart reading for my friend, and then later, for my mom. If you're looking for a way to learn basic astrology (with a side-twist into some more intermediate stuff!), Elemental Astrology is a fantastic way with which to do it."

-Esmé Wang


"If you're serious about learning astrology but have been intimidated by all the information available, Elemental Astrology is THE resource to help you get started. The essential information is all there, presented in easy-to-digest, delicious morsels of wisdom. I keep coming back to it again and again, and suspect I'll continue to do so until I have it memorized!"

-Jen Cintron